Political statement

My opinion is that the Nazis during the twentieth century has shown the worst side of humanity and I am strongly against it and any modern follower to the Nazis.   

To differ humans and categorize them according to religion, ethnic belonging, sexual preference, political opinion or anything else is totally unethical.    

For me is difference an asset. The more people with different backgrounds and histories I meet, the richer I think I get. Living in a closed society is a way to create  ignorance and intolerance.  Intolerance has unfortunally been widely spread under different cover-ups during the centuries.

It appears that we are unable to learn from history. Hitler and his gang differ from other beasts mainly through the cynicism, lack of emotional capability  and the mechanical way the Nazis tried to reach there goals.

My family is a family of refugees with at least five different nationalities. We lost several members thanks to Hitler with some help from Stalin. I do not think that there is a single day in our family when WW2 in some way affect us.  

The swaztika is an old symbol that probably is associated with evilness and I show it only where it was placed on the 1939 cross series.  

I do not like neonazis and I dont think we shold givet hem the satisfaction to call them Nazis. Let us call then hooligans or gangsters because there political ground are very soft. I think that we should put the word Nazi on the shelf’s of history and just look on it with contemplation and willingness to learn from history.


”How could we let this happen and what must we learn so it never happens again” ?

 If you want to know more about the victims of Nazi brutality please look at the links bellow

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